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what is your heart’s desire?

Halloween is over, so the “holiday season” is upon us. I have learned to be less offended by this, because now that it starts in November the holidays include Thanksgiving, and whether we like it or not, the Christmas season begins the moment the turkey is off the table. The commercials for the season, however […]

making pasta (snobs)

We don’t have a tradition of recreating the Thanksgiving turkey and various accoutrement for our main Christmas meal, so somebody in the family just decides what they’d like to have and we work the meal around that dish. It’s never caused any problems, and most years I don’t spend all day on Christmas in the kitchen.  […]

the best laid plans…

How many days does it take to go from feeling fine to I don’t remember what it’s like to feel good? I’m going to go out on a limb and say six days. That’s how long I’ve been lying here with “the crud.” The Crud is more than a cold and less than the flu. […]