between a rock and a hard place

I’ve heard that pollsters for our upcoming presidential election have said that there are very few undecided voters left in America. Those who favor Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have become more and more deeply entrenched in support of their candidate. On November 8th of this year, one of them will be chosen as our […]

we need to talk…

Can we only see what we already believe? There is a debate (supposedly) in Congress right now about the funding of our Federal government. If you listen to Fox news, it’s the Democrats who are refusing to compromise. If you listen to MSNBC the Republicans are at fault for the government shutdown.  Each side is […]

the moral argument President Obama did not make…

Most of the talking heads on the television news shows said that President Obama covered all the bases last night in his address to the nation about the decision he has made to respond to the atrocities Assad has committed on the Syrian people. They all said he covered the political, the military, and the […]