all i ask

Dear Jesus, you ask me to love as you love – to love everyone around me as if they are all people that I even know, or knowing them – that I even care. You ask me to love the ones who’ve hurt me – the ones who look me right in the eye and […]

what if we loved like Jesus…

What would happen if we, as Christians, all started praying for those who do not believe? What if we prayed for our enemies or for tyrants who perpetrate mass murder on their own people? What if we prayed for those who have hurt us, not just the guy who was rude to us in the […]

the prodigal son’s brother…

It wasn’t until fairly recently that I heard the gospel about the Prodigal Son without identifying strongly with the brother. The brother, so it seemed, was the responsible one, the one who stayed the course and worked hard for his father. He quietly did his job without fanfare or celebration, and then along comes his […]