between a rock and a hard place

I’ve heard that pollsters for our upcoming presidential election have said that there are very few undecided voters left in America. Those who favor Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump have become more and more deeply entrenched in support of their candidate. On November 8th of this year, one of them will be chosen as our next President-Elect. I take very seriously my right and responsibility to vote, but for the life of me, I cannot see myself voting for either one of these choices. One is a misogynistic bully who has brought public debate to new levels of bigotry and displays of vulgarity. His business dealings are questionable in their legality, and his personal life is on the level of tabloid fodder in regards to his lack of self-control and ability to exhibit socially acceptable behavior. The other is a person with such utter disregard for the sanctity of human life that she could be called a criminal even before we look at her record as Secretary of State or at the manner in which her family’s foundation has been managed. People from both sides tell me with total assurance that they truly believe that if I vote for the candidate who is not the one for whom they will cast their ballot, then I will be personally at fault for the other candidate’s victory. I’ve always wanted to believe that my vote mattered. But how can I choose between two terrible choices?

I’ve thought about the appointment of Supreme Court Justices by our next Commander-in-Chief. I’ve thought about either of them being responsible for making military decisions. I’ve thought about their running mates and the attributes of the people who they say will be their advisors. I’ve thought about their experience to do the job, their personal character, and the ways in which they will represent the United States to the world. I’ve prayed for guidance. I’ve prayed for wisdom. I’ve prayed to wake up from this nightmare of an election. And lately I’ve begun to pray for absolution if, in the end, I am simply unable to make a choice.

Friends have suggested that I vote for the lesser of two evils. The problem is that I cannot even determine which of them is worse than the other. If anybody can help me decide, I’m open to listen, but I would much rather know why you are voting for one of these people more than why you are not voting for the other.

It’s the middle of October, and I am remain an Undecided.


8 comments on “between a rock and a hard place

    • I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either of them. I was near tears when I exited the polling place yesterday because I have never before felt that I had wasted my vote. I am utterly heartbroken over the state of our nation. Hatred seems to be increasing and opposing views are so seldom being listened to. The Republicans are so adamant in saving unborn lives which I agree with, but when we lose sight of the lives of those who are living, we devalue all life. Jesus Christ’s genius of understanding that most things aren’t either/or but rather both/and is what is so needed in our world. I believe in respect for all life, and that includes working to heal the problems that are leading to abortion and suicide and distrust between law enforcement and communities. I am so sad today because the effect of this historic election is a further divide between two camps of which I am no longer a member. Those who are part of the us vs them mentality have those who agree with them to celebrate or commiserate with. I don’t have that comfort. But I have the knowledge that I voted my conscience and am not ashamed.

  1. I can’t believe that your conscience wouldn’t let you vote for a woman who has spent her entire adult life fighting hard for women and children. For health care (or is that only for those who are lucky enough to work for a company which offers it?) and the rights of the very people whom Jesus would probably bring into his embrace. I really do not understand.
    That’s just how I see it.

  2. I respect your opinion. Hillary Clinton has spent her life trying to help women and children. She has also been a tireless proponent of abortion, which I sincerely feel is not respectful to anyone. I feel very sorry for her and for her supporters. This election must have felt like a very public and personal humiliation, as we were all told that her presidency was a foregone conclusion. As to the issue of healthcare – the Affordable Care Act assists people to get insurance, it hasn’t necessarily helped them to get healthcare. I have insurance, but it is so expensive and the deductibles are so high that I can no longer afford to go to my doctors, because their fees are too unpredictable and so high. Healthcare in this country is in an unbelievable mess. I completely agree with you on that. I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton because too many of her priorities conflicted with my conscience. Likewise I couldn’t vote for Donald Trump because his bigotry, misogyny, unpredictable temper, and his appeal to his supporters was based on an agenda of disregard for and lack of respect for his fellow human beings.
    I was going to be disappointed no matter who won. I share some of your fears for the future of our country, and I am well aware that those concerns are not necessarily for the same reasons, but I ask you to do what Mrs Clinton asked us all to do – to have an open mind toward what Mr Trump will attempt to do as President. I would like to hope that someday we will have an option to vote for someone who respects all of the citizens of this country. Then, maybe our electorate will not be so polarized and divided.

  3. I don’t think ANYONE is a proponent for abortion. But a woman’s right to choose? Yes. And if affordable birth control is made less available, guess what’s going to happen? And if you believe that Trump really cares one bit about the unborn, you’ve drunk the KoolAid. Sure, Hillary said what she said about giving Trump a chance. She had to because she is gracious and professional and educated and also probably far kinder and more enlightened than I am. I know that Trump is a verified and probably sociopathic liar but if he tries to institute half of what he promised during the campaign, this country is in huge trouble. I have blog readers from as far away as Australia and Zimbabwe who are as terrified about his presidency as so many of us here in America are because this man will have the ability to start a nuclear war which will affect the entire globe. Not to mention his ideas about climate change which, if we don’t do something about it soon (as in yesterday) is going to kill us just as surely. Maybe not as quickly but as certainly.
    Anyway, it’s done and if I prayed, I’d pray for the survival of our country and our planet. All I can do is to stand up for those whom Trump and his fellow Republicans would just love to disenfranchise and to teach my grandchildren both with words and examples that we do not judge nor fear other humans based on their race or their ethnicity or their gender or their sexual orientation or their religious beliefs or their countries of origin, despite what this president may say.

    • Maybe you missed the part that said I did not vote for Donald Trump. I don’t consider myself a Republican, but you are entitled to your opinion. I pray for our planet and everyone on it. It’s a sad day when people who disagree with one another can only see the other as one who hates them and everything they stand for. I’m very sad these days.

  4. I did see that you didn’t vote for Trump. I know you used to be a Republican but then decided you were more of an Independent.
    And really- I apologize. It does no good for you and I to discuss things like this because you are always going to come from the place of your belief and I do not share it. The things which are most important to me are not the things which are most important to you. And that is just the way it is.
    And it’s okay.

    • It’s OK. The Trump supporters hate me too. You’re speaking from a place of fear and pain and disappointment. Everyone told you that your candidate was going to win, and they were wrong. You’re hurting and I’m sorry for that.

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