what is your heart’s desire?

Halloween is over, so the “holiday season” is upon us. I have learned to be less offended by this, because now that it starts in November the holidays include Thanksgiving, and whether we like it or not, the Christmas season begins the moment the turkey is off the table. The commercials for the season, however began Halloween night. All of a sudden, whatever an advertiser wanted to sell you the day before has now become a potential Christmas present. Hungry for steak? Give it for Christmas. Need a new kitchen appliance? Wrap it up for Christmas. A luxury automobile? A really expensive Christmas present. One commercial blatantly suggests that if you purchase the right gifts, your recipients will love their gifts and that will lead them to love you. I thought we bought things for people we love, not that we bought things for people in order for them to love us…

Anyway, I digress. This post is not a rant about the commercialization of Christmas. It’s about figuring out what we really want.

So many of us see life in two columns. In the first column there are the things that we think we are expected to do. Some might label this column: What God Wants Me To Do With My Life. The other column is what we want. The second column might contain things like fame, fortune, and beauty. Most of us see the two columns of our life as being two completely different lists. But what if they aren’t? What if they aren’t all that different?

Sure, fabulous vacations and a life free from financial woes sounds terrific, but go deeper. What do you REALLY want?

You want to not worry. You want to live a life that matters. You want to have meaningful relationships. You want to do work that fulfills you. You want to be happy. God wants those same things. God didn’t create you so that the rest of your life was a frustrating dichotomy of wanting what He didn’t want you to have. God created you, BECAUSE He loves you, and BECAUSE He loves you, He wants you to be happy.

All the things we could possibly want in life could probably be placed into a few categories:  Love, Hope, Freedom, and Respect. Think about it. All the cars and foods and clothes and whatever else we might wrap up for Christmas would most likely fit under one of those headings. And there’s nothing wrong with giving them to those we love, as long as we realize that they aren’t love itself.

Ask yourself what you REALLY want. What is my heart’s desire? Chances are, it’s also God’s desire for you. Where do you think it came from?


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