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Only God does perfect

It’s really easy as a Christian

to fall into the trap

of trying to be the perfect follower of God.

I am so cognizant of the gift of my life –

this one life –

this one opportunity to get it right.

I don’t want to squander it.

It’s too precious of a gift to not be mindful of its importance

or to take the responsibility of it for granted.

But it isn’t my job to do it perfect.

It isn’t my job to make it through life

without making mistakes.

It isn’t my job to be God.

It’s my job to be human –

to be flawed –

to be imperfect.

It’s my job to need God.

God made me imperfect,

and it is only through Him that I can be perfected.

That is the toughest lesson of all for a Christian.

I may want to light the world on fire.

I may want to eradicate poverty

and heal the suffering

and feed the hungry

so that there are no longer any people who are poor

or hurt or in need of food.

Jesus came into a world like that,

and when he left the world still contained those problems.

Even He didn’t leave the world a perfect place.

He came into this world to be one of us –

to feel our pain –

to share our want –

to know our hunger,

and what He left us with was something

that fixing all the world’s problems wouldn’t have taught us as well.

He gave us the gift of knowing

that He understands what it’s like to be human

and that He doesn’t expect us to be superhuman.

He just wants us to do our best

and to recognize that that will never be enough

to end the imperfections of this world,

but it will be enough for us to know

that we need Him

and that when we quit trying

to impress Him with how well we do our lives,

we are left with the knowledge that all He expects from us

is to accept His love.

No amount of perfection will make Him love us more.

No amount of service will make Him love us more.

No amount of anything will make Him love us more,

because He already loves us perfectly.

And He is the only one who can,

because only God does perfect.


One comment on “Only God does perfect

  1. Perfectly imperfect. Thanks for sharing Dave, thanks for letting him share, Linda. Peace.

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