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making room for God…

There is a subset of Yoga called Pranayama that deals strictly with breathing. In the practice of Yoga, the yogi is encouraged to take deep breaths and to make the exhale just a bit longer than the inhale. The reasoning behind this is that the more you can eliminate from the lungs, the more room you have for the next inhalation. With each breath, the practitioner inhales air which is rich in oxygen, bathing the cells and muscles of the body with its life-giving energy. As the person exhales, carbon dioxide is released along with other toxins like lactic acid, allowing the muscles to stretch and the mind to relax.

I was thinking about this concept while engaged in my own yoga practice the other day. I made each breath a prayer of bringing God into my heart and to releasing anything that keeps me from Him with each exhalation. Just as in Pranayama, the more I got rid of the doubt and the fear and the worry – all the things that lead me towards sin, the more space there was for God.

I felt great afterwards, and it made me wonder – what if I did that in my life?


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