why are atheists so angry?

I guess I can understand why some choose to not believe in God. If they are looking for visual evidence in the world, I suppose they can answer many of the questions about life through the sciences. If they are looking for proof of a Deity through the behavior of believers, they will likely be disappointed. But more than any other reason, I suspect atheists don’t believe in God because they don’t want to. They somehow feel that to believe in something greater than themselves minimizes them. What they don’t understand, is that God is not something greater than us. He is not some Being we can wrap our thoughts around and tie up in a neat and tidy definition. He is so beyond us that he is not even in the same plane of existence that we are. So many people in modern society feel perfectly capable of handling whatever life throws at them through their own self-sufficiency and the brains that they think only DNA gave them. They feel that those who succumb to belief in One other than themselves are delusional or weak or simply superstitious.  I’ve heard the arguments against God. I’ve heard the arguments against organized religion. I’ve heard the arguments against life after death. I get that increasing numbers of people see no need of God. But what I don’t get is why my belief makes them so angry.

Yes, bad things have been done in the name of the Church. Yes, atrocities have been committed in the name of God. Yes, believers fail all the time to exhibit evidence of the love they supposedly feel for their fellow humans. One of the differences between those who believe and those who don’t is that believers know they are sinners. Oh, I know, if there is no God, there is no sin. Spare me, please. Whatever you choose to call it, evil exists in this world. Most of it is perpetrated by people, many of whom profess to believe in something or someone who they call God.

Some parents beat their children. Does that mean that all parents are evil? Some Americans have done hellacious deeds, some in the name of fighting for freedom. Does that mean that all Americans are evil? Some Muslims hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. Does this mean that all Muslims are evil? Some priests abused children. Does that make all priests guilty? The answer to all of these questions by intelligent, thinking people is a resounding “NO!”

So why is the argument that religion has harmed people over the centuries so popular of an excuse to those who refuse to believe in God? Medical science has harmed hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people. Is there a demand to erase medicine from society? Does the fact that most people continue to go to doctors for help in alleviating their physical ailments anger people to the point of ostracizing those who are patients?

If I pass you walking down the street and wish you a good morning, do you find offense because I’m trying to force my wish for you to have a pleasant start to your day? Probably not. But if I say that I will pray for someone to believe who doesn’t, it really seems to tick them off. If they believe that my prayers are just a bunch of nonsense and hot air, what can possibly come from them?

I’ve heard the argument that I have no right to impose my will on others. Okay. So why do they have the right to impose their will on me? Why does my desire to spread the news of Jesus Christ to others become more offensive than their desire to keep me quiet? If I had a great story that would keep people from dying and I kept it to myself, I’d be considered selfish. But since my story of the One who has conquered death by His death is religion, it is reprehensible to those who choose non-belief.

If you don’t want to believe, there is nothing I can do to coerce you. The purpose of Evangelization is not to force anything on anyone. Those who desire to spread the word of God are impelled by the One who is Love Himself to share the radical story of His incredible ability to forgive all our shortcomings and who wants nothing more than to share His love with us forever.

I can understand how some people can’t bring themselves to believe in something that is just a higher version of what we are ourselves. That’s not enough. And it isn’t God.

So before you atheists write a reply full of expletives about my belief in God, take the time to understand Who it is you’re rejecting. I’m willing to bet that you have no idea of why your unbelief makes you so angry. I’d be pretty upset myself it I thought there was no God.


9 comments on “why are atheists so angry?

  1. My unbelief doesn’t make me angry.

    Religious people causing harm makes me angry. And annoyed. And passionate about stopping them.

  2. What harm exactly is it that am I causing? And why are you so passionate about stopping me from expressing my opinion?

    • “What harm exactly is it that am I causing?”

      I didn’t say you were. I’m also not angry at all at the moment. Was merely answering your question.

      “And why are you so passionate about stopping me from expressing my opinion?”

      I don’t believe I am. You expressing your opinion is not harmful. The actions taken by some religious people is harmful.

  3. First of all, I agree with NotAScientist: Personally, I am not angry with you as you are probably not causing any harm. There are some flaws in your posting, but having an opinion I don’t share is not harmful. And I don’t want to stop you from expressing his or your opinion. If you were a teacher and used your job to force your religious views on children, for example, then I WOULD be passionate to stop you from expressing your opinion – in this special case. As long as you are a private person, you can express your opinion all day long, if you want to.

    But your posting is wrong: Most atheists “chose” to be atheist (as much as you can chose not to feel a specific emotion – faith) simply because they see no reason to be a believer. And if you want to see why we become angry, look at your fellow believers who spew hate against homosexuals, who keep their wives as virtual slaves, who refuse to allow their daughters to get the best education, who try to force creationist fairy tales into the schools, who kill little girl that have been raped, etc.etc. – THAT is what makes us angry. It is not the reason why we don’t believe in god, but it is the reason why we are angry at these people – and also angry at their fellow believers for refusing to stand up to them.

    And if you really think that an atheist that tells you his opinion or tries to convince you is “forcing you” to something in the same extent as a believer who tries to force prayers into schools, then you should really get your sense of reality straight.

  4. I agree with you. The actions of some religious people make me angry also. Someone who inflicts harm upon another and uses his/her faith to justify it, is not representing God and is not on the right path. He hurts everyone and the cause which he wishes to promote through his actions. I ask you to not paint all believers with the same brush.
    Thank you for responding. I appreciate honest and open discussion.

  5. Thank you for responding to my post. I stand by my assertion that atheists choose not to believe, just as I choose to believe. My faith is not an emotion it’s a choice. It’s a conscious decision that I make daily, sometimes moment to moment. Anger and excitement are emotions. They are things we feel without forethought. Faith is not something one feels, although feelings usually accompany it. God offers us His unconditional love and everlasting life. He does not force it on anyone. Believers who allow God to speak through them do not spew hatred against homosexuals. They abhor slavery in any form and they treat all people with respect. Those who murder are not doing God’s will. Those who perpetrate violence and hate in the name of religion should make all of us sick. They represent themselves and their own ignorance. God is not just all about love. He IS love. He created us out of love and for love. Anyone who preaches a message of hate in the name of God is not speaking the truth. The only unforgiveable sin is to refuse to accept His love.
    I do not believe that when an atheist tells me his/her opinion, he is trying to force me into unbelief. I think he is expressing his opinion. I just find that most of the time, that opinion is based on the actions of a misguided minority of people who spread lies in the name of God. Real Christians know that they are sinners. They try to live the message of Jesus Christ, but as imperfect beings struggle every day to become better people, to know God more intimately, and to grow closer to his example of love. I further believe that offering a chance in school to pray doesn’t force anyone to take advantage of the opportunity. That being said, we can pray silently anytime we want, and I don’t personally find it necessary to call attention to the fact that I do.
    I hope that you can be open minded enough to see that true believers are not those who promote a fanatical agenda of hatred and violence against those who are different. They do harm to all people.

  6. I didn’t know atheists were angry, or that they don’t want to believe in God. You see, most atheists are naturalists and empiricists. If evidence appeared for God tomorrow, they would be happy to accept it based on that evidence. All of science would, in fact. That is the difference between science and religion. Science seeks to be proven wrong; if God suddenly had evidence, that would be a wonderful, amazing discovery. On the other hand, regardless of evidence that has “killed God,” such as the discovery of a heliocentric solar system or germ theory (rather than evil spirits cause disease), religionists cling to the dogma. It is accepted as perfect and inerrant – usually it is accepted as perfect and inerrant before people even sit down and read the text of their respective religion.

    Now, if your belief is violent, that might make people angry. For example, the Bible condones genocide and slavery. This is not interpretation or opinion – it’s fact, stated in the text (see the genocide of Canaan in Joshua). Christians find many ways to justify it, why it was “moral” in context, but secular values abhor genocide. These are things that can evoke ire, as they don’t mesh well with Western values in 2013.

  7. Another whining Republican bimbo.What is your solution, Ryan? A return to the borrow and spend policies of the last 4 Republican presidents?Government spending during the Obama presidency has actually decreased.GW Bush cut taxes and sent the country to war, a supremely stupid move and the main reason the debt has grown.Did you vote for Bush?

    • Actually I am an Independent. I think if we had more members of Congress who weren’t constrained in their voting by political parties, our country would not be in the state of the current government shutdown. If both sides in the deadlock were not so concerned over winning this battle, they might be able to solve the conflict. If they would actually listen to one another, they might discover that they have something in common.

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