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the moral argument President Obama did not make…

Most of the talking heads on the television news shows said that President Obama covered all the bases last night in his address to the nation about the decision he has made to respond to the atrocities Assad has committed on the Syrian people. They all said he covered the political, the military, and the moral issues involved in his choice to bomb strategic locations in the Middle East nation.

I’m sorry. I don’t see that because Assad was brutal to his people, it is now moral for us to bomb his country and undoubtedly inflict further carnage on innocent Syrian civilians. If Assad is the monster that the media has shown us, and I think he is, what is to stop him from placing equally innocent members of his opposition and their families at or near the places he expects us to strategically target, so he inflicts further harm on those he wants to destroy and also further tarnishes the image of the United States in the region and across the globe? Unless by strategic strikes, Obama means striking Assad himself, I don’t see how this reaction is moral. We’ve given the Syrian regime plenty of time to move any weapons of mass destruction he may have left by this point.

What about the innocent people who were brutally murdered by their president? There is no response, militarily or otherwise that will bring back their lives. Even the assassination of Assad himself will not restore them to life. Is the killing of more people going to lessen the loss of their families? The Assad regime is obviously not concerned with how the world views them. Do we really think that bombing their country is going to reform the corrupt leader? If we strike specific sites in his country is he any less horrible or more worthy of negotiating with?

Last Friday, Pope Francis called for a day of fasting and prayer for Saturday, 7th September. I participated in that call, along with millions of people around the world who gave up food and drink and prevailed upon God to help world leaders find another way around the path towards war. I’m not ready to forgive Assad for the sins he has committed. But does that give my country the moral right to commit our nation to further conflict in a region already fraught with daily peril? I think not.

Yes. Mr. President, Assad was truly immoral in what he did to his people. Let us not also act immorally towards those who call Syria home. Let us be better than that.


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