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my blog’s had a baby…

In a few days my husband will be traveling on business. He’ll be gone more than a month. We won’t be able to talk on the phone, but we have set up Skype. My end is camera-less, which is fine by me. Several friends have attempted to explain how cheap and easy it would be to connect a camera to my aged laptop, but, frankly, I don’t want to have to do my hair and makeup for conversations with my spouse who will be 7 or 8 hours ahead of our home time zone.  Most of our communication will be done either when I’ve just gotten up or am getting ready to go to bed.

I’m used to David being gone for a few days at a time. In more than 33 years of marriage, we’ve never been apart for more than 11 or 12 days. So, this will be a different experience for each of us. David will be participating in something called the IBM Service Corps, a corporate volunteer opportunity where IBMers go to parts of the globe that can benefit from Big Blue’s business know-how in situations such as smaller governmental entities or charitable endeavors in developing countries. His being chosen for this mission is a tremendous honor. I am extremely proud of him. I will also miss him terribly.

As we both prepare for his trip, I’ve been learning how to drive a zero-turn lawn mower/tractor vehicle and to deal with expected home matters that are usually under his purview. One of the items on the list I’ve been avoiding thinking about is something that falls under my usual scope of responsibility. Food. Specifically, feeding myself, by myself. By myself I don’t mean cooking, cleaning, etc. by myself. I mean eating – all by myself – translated – all alone. This has never been fun for me, but I manage. I stick to a pretty healthy diet in my normal life, but when I’m eating alone at home, some of my healthy habits go out the window.

Last week I googled cooking for one and came up pretty empty. I was talking to some of my friends about it, and one of them said, “Oh, you need to write a cookbook for one, then!” It was the idea that sparked my writing another blog about the challenges and adventures in delving into cooking creatively and heathfully for just yourself.

So, I invite all of you who are interested to join me on my journey. I’ll still be keeping up with this blog, so nobody go away.

You can find my new baby at lindarickecooks.wordpress.com


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