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you might be obsessed if…

How do you know when your hobby had gone over to the dark side? Or more specifically, you’ve gone over. Hobbies are great. They provide a needed outlet for creativity. They help us bond with other people of similar interests. They sometimes allow us to get exercise. But like anything else in life, doing something too much is, well, too much.

I know of whence I speak. I used to be addicted to quilting. I saw the light, and it woke me up. I realized what it was doing to me, and eventually, I realized what it was doing to the people in my life. Mostly, I think, it was boring them. I don’t know if I ignored my family by quilting too much, but I do know that it got to the point that my creative outlet needed an outlet of its own.

I feel bad about what happened, and I changed it. Someone asked me about it the other day, and it got me thinking about just how innocuous developing an obsession can be. It’s hard to tell when an interest has become a problem, but I offer the following assessment.

You Might be obsessed if you:

1. Realize it’s after 3:00 in the afternoon, and you haven’t had lunch, because you couldn’t stop what you were doing.

2. You do that on a regular basis, especially while engaging in a specific activity.

3. You spend an entire weekend in that activity more than once a month.

4. You avoid making leisure plans that interfere with the activity in question.

5. You live where you live because of that activity.

6. You ignore the people in your life who aren’t engaged in that activity, and tell yourself they’ll understand, because it’s important to you.

7. All your friends share your love of the same activity.

8. You feel antsy or agitated when something gets in the way of you participating in that activity.

9.  You routinely keep people waiting while you finish doing your activity.

10.You feel guilty about engaging in the activity, but do it anyway.

I was obsessed. How about you?


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