Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Daily Prompt: Second Time Around.

I have been reading the Bible for about 40 years of my life. While I have never started at the beginning and read straight through, there are certainly parts that never fail to teach me a new lesson. Some words that I have come across have been little more than words on the page, but at another stage in my life have served as terms of powerful inspiration.  As I get older, some texts have taken on different shades of meaning. The lyric poetry of the Psalms is breathtaking in places. I especially love the gospel of Luke. The way he tells the story that is so familiar to many of us  speaks to me in a way that is more personal than his fellow writers of the Good News. Isaiah and Paul’s letter to the Romans are also favorite books of mine in this lengthy tome.

I hope to read and reread the Bible for the rest of my days and to gain something new from its wisdom upon each reading.


11 comments on “Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

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  2. my goal one day is to be able to read the bible literally cover to cover… and currently, i am failing miserably at it.

    • There are schemes on the internet to put one on a schedule to read the entire Bible in different periods of time – 90 days, 365 days, etc. I challenge you to try one of these disciplines. Want to do it together for accountability?

  3. […] Daily Prompt: Second Time Around | as i was saying… […]

  4. Wow! almost the same post.

  5. As the inspired, living word of God, the Bible is, indeed, excellent (and, I think, necessary) to read over and over again. Daily inspiration, instruction, encouragement.

  6. Oddly enough, I have read the entire book of Isaiah – but that’s all. I do use the Bible as reference though – sometimes I am amazed by all the issues that is covers … my son and I started reading Genesis together … he’s 6 – it’s really cool to watch him learn about creation 🙂

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