the song stuck in my head…

Lately I can’t hear enough of a song titled “Show Me.”  It’s written and performed by a talented young independent artist by the name of Audrey Assad. What a gorgeous voice! Her soft, breathy vocals speak of her deep abiding love for God with a passion that is so refreshing in a twenty-something who has not joined the ranks of her generation in rejecting all things organized and religious.

Audrey doesn’t sugar coat the world in which we live. Hers is not a Disney-esque naiveté so common is some of today’s Christian music. In “Show Me” she speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit in His gift of strength in the spiritual battles we all encounter. But she also calls upon the same deity to just comfort her and just let her cry.

One of the lines that speaks to my very soul is “Mercy, bend and breathe me back to life, but not before You show me how to die.”  Wow! I could listen to these words of a poet delivered in the voice of an angel all day.

I’m so pleased that Audrey just recorded a new album and I breathlessly wait for the release of her latest creation. Check her out at audreyassad.com


5 comments on “the song stuck in my head…

  1. Love this! This song always brings me to tears.

  2. Those words Linda R. quotes from the song certainly are moving and I plan to look up the rest. Hey Linda, from your comment on the other place, while I can reach higher notes apparently I am not allowed to do it any more. Hmm. Enjoying your blog.

    • I hope you enjoy Audrey’s music. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog. It’s so gratifying for a writer to know that others are moved by what she has to say.
      Why are you not allowed to reach the high notes anymore?

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