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now i know why wonder woman wore boots…

I’ve never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. I’ve always thought she was a bit embarassing  with her strapless bra topped-pinup getup, standing there with her hands on her hips thinking she looks all fierce. I know that some feminists say that a woman who chooses to dress like a sex object is empowered because it’s her choice to dress like a Britney Spears imitator, but I’ve never accepted that theory. And I thought the red knee high boots were just stupid looking. But now I know. The boots were vital to the costume. Her super power is all about the boots.

I understand the power of red shoes. They got Dorothy out of Oz. They really perk up an outfit. But the power of the boots is not in the color. It’s that they’re boots. When you put on boots, you start to strut  a bit. You can’t help it. They make you feel taller, prouder, and feistier. They imbue you with a don’t mess with me attitude. Everybody talks about the bravado of Texans and equates it with the size of their state. I think it’s the boots.

When a woman puts on boots, her gait changes. Her posture alters. She stands up straight. She throws her shoulders back. She doesn’t walk into a room. She makes an entrance. She can’t help but feel strong as her feet make the unmistakable thunk of confidence against the floor with each step. Men notice her. Other women want what she’s wearing. She feels powerful. High heels have attributes of the boot, but they miss out on the comfort factor. In stiletto heels, you might know you look good, but it’s offset by the fact that you can’t walk very far in them.

My husband gave me a pair of boots for Christmas. I wore them yesterday, and I went through the day with a swagger. I was sure of myself. I could handle any task thrown at me. And I did it all with style. To top it all off – I was comfortable. That’s power. I’ve learned my lesson. It wasn’t the armbands or the overtly sexy and ridiculous costume of Wonder Woman that made her a super hero. It was all in the boots. Imagine how fierce she would have been if her outfit had been more comfortable.


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