i’m addicted to stats…

Confession time: I’m addicted to checking my stats on my blog. I hear of hundreds, if not thousands, who are obsessed with checking Facebook. I look at the social networking site to see pictures of my grandson, Nate who lives 4 ½ hours away and who I don’t get to see in person anywhere as often as I’d like. Otherwise, except for sometimes using it to tell people when I’ve published a new post, I just ignore the stuff from those who are not on my close friends list. But checking my stats is another story. While I’m getting stuff out in the open, I have to admit that I love receiving comments. I love to write. I love the power of words. I love to play with their arrangement, and I love to learn new ones in order to avoid overusing the same ones. But a writer does not just write for himself. He writes to persuade or enlighten or entertain. He writes to get stuff off his chest. He writes to figure things out. But he also writes to affect his readers.

Most of us will never actually meet half of our readers. We’ll only occasionally have that thrill of having a perfect stranger come up to us and tell us that a piece we wrote meant something to him. The way we get that pat on the back in our technological age is through comments. I know that most people are intimidated to write to a writer. I, too, share that fear of saying something stupid or obvious to a person who I only know through their written words. But I’ve started commenting on others missives, because I want them to know that I appreciate what they’re doing. It takes courage to put your thoughts and feelings and opinions out there for anyone to criticize. Sharing what you’ve written creates a certain vulnerability that most of us try to protect in our everyday lives.  Most of us, I suspect, love when someone tells us that what we wrote made them think, or made them laugh, or made them cry. You know you’ve really touched someone when you’ve made them cry…

So, I check my stats. I check to see if anyone is reading what I post. It’s wonderful when a reader clicks on the like button. I’m thrilled when I get another follower, and I’m so appreciative when I get a  comment on a piece I’ve written. It’s proof that I’ve made a difference and I’ve touched someone enough that they actually want to touch back.


3 comments on “i’m addicted to stats…

  1. I can definitely sympathize with the feedback sentiment – it’s always affirming to know your words have helped, informed, or entertained another!

  2. I enjoy looking at my stats, too. For me, at least, it’s the connection to the world that inspires the most awe. That in this virtual space come together people from Spain and Kenya and Nigeria and New Jersey.

  3. Good post! I totally agree with you about checking your stats and likes. It’s important to people who write to get feedback and in fact, the ONLY reason I go to a computer when on vacation.

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