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the bread of life…

“I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall not hunger.” John 6:35 Bread is pretty important.  Its main component, wheat, is called “the staff of life.” That’s a bold statement. Look at almost any label on the foods in your pantry. The majority of them contain wheat in their long list […]

now i know why wonder woman wore boots…

I’ve never been a big fan of Wonder Woman. I’ve always thought she was a bit embarassing  with her strapless bra topped-pinup getup, standing there with her hands on her hips thinking she looks all fierce. I know that some feminists say that a woman who chooses to dress like a sex object is empowered […]

the end of an era

The world lost a great lady today. Margaret Anderson Dale was 97 years old. Her death was something that we all expected would happen over the last few years, but still, it was a shock. We’re certain of her place in heaven and know that she is once again united with her husband, Wilbur. But […]

we laughed, we cried, it became a part of us…

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.  There was reaching across the aisles in Washington, DC! People were not just reaching, but moving themselves into the aisles to join hands with those on the other side. Men and women, black and white and yellow and red, all were coming together […]

i’m addicted to stats…

Confession time: I’m addicted to checking my stats on my blog. I hear of hundreds, if not thousands, who are obsessed with checking Facebook. I look at the social networking site to see pictures of my grandson, Nate who lives 4 ½ hours away and who I don’t get to see in person anywhere as […]

making pasta (snobs)

We don’t have a tradition of recreating the Thanksgiving turkey and various accoutrement for our main Christmas meal, so somebody in the family just decides what they’d like to have and we work the meal around that dish. It’s never caused any problems, and most years I don’t spend all day on Christmas in the kitchen.  […]