what america wants…

I’m very confused. Most people I talk to are frustrated. Poll after poll after poll tells us that things are not working in this country. For the first time in American history, the next generation does not expect to have things better than the current older generations. My children are doing better than most of their fellow recent college graduates. None of them has had to come home after college, because they couldn’t find employment. More than half of those in their demographic are back, living with their parents, struggling to find a way to financial independence. They aren’t talking about starting families and buying houses like my generation did a few years post graduation. They’re just trying to find a job, even if it’s just where they worked part-time while they were still in high school. 

We have a government that hasn’t agreed enough to even create a budget in more than four years. We have a Congress that can’t possibly agree to work with each other unless they belong to the same political party, even if they agree with each other ideologically. These “leaders” have behaved like spoiled children who will only play with others if they can have their way. They yell at and over each other through a broader spectrum of media. They exaggerate their own accomplishments and delight in telling lies about their opponents, who are supposed to be their colleagues. They patently refuse to listen to each other. If they were a marriage, they would headed for divorce.

So, how did we as Americans respond to those in charge? We told those who asked us how we felt, that we were fed up with the gridlock, we were disgusted with the negative campaigning, and we were terrified for the financial future of this country.  And we went to the voting booth yesterday and put the same people back in charge of our country. How in the hell can we expect anything to change if we refuse to take responsibility for putting the people who aren’t working for us back to work?

Yesterday, we, as whole, said that we want government to take care of us. We want our insurance provided for us. We want to be taken care of in our elderly years whether or not we have been responsible enough to provide for the cost.  We want the government to pay for our family planning and, if we aren’t responsible enough to use those services, we want our government to also pay for our abortions.  We don’t want to have to live within our means. We don’t want to have to take responsibility for our own greed that precipitated the housing crisis, and if we bought a house that’s not worth what we paid for it, we just want to walk away from the financial obligation we made with no consequences, because, after all, we were just “victims” to the big, bad mortgage companies.

Today I woke up and discovered that we have the same divided Congress. We have the same President. We have the same problems to solve. We just spent billions of dollars to keep everything the same. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how we expect anything to change if we keep doing the same thing over and over? How is this not the very definition of insanity?

And how do we have the nerve to ask God to bless this America?


2 comments on “what america wants…

  1. Amen Sister !!!

  2. This Canadian thinks America IS blessed. Look a bit deeper and see the humble nature of that man. And rejoice. Pray for him because much as you want the things you should have he can’t just jump in and do exactly as he pleases. Our leader can’t either.

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