a post about my post…

I was crying as I wrote my last post. I was upset. I was not upset because President Obama won re-election. I expected that. I was upset, because I love this country. I am fiercely proud of being an American, and it saddens me to see the partisanship that is ruining our ability to govern ourselves. I was upset, because I held out hope for change. I hoped that whoever won the Presidency would be given a Congress who would work with him to get something done. I can’t stand to watch our nation being held hostage by the two major political parties whose members refuse to compromise with each other. I was distraught over the thought of the immense fortune spent on this election that I fear will change nothing.  That money could have fed so many in need. That money could have been spent on some of the items in the budget that the two parties cannot agree on. All the media focus could have been used to promote understanding on some of the issues that divide this country.

It all seems like such a waste. All the time, the energy, the resources, the complaining, all the wasted words – it solved nothing.  And I’m sad, and I’m frustrated, and I’m worried about my country.  Not because Barack Obama was elected President, but because we have put our country in a position where our leaders are willing to do very little if it’s not in lock-step with their own party line. We have decided to put back in office those who put their own egos before the future of the republic and its citizens. And I don’t know if I can take another four more years of waiting and hoping for something to get done.

I wasn’t being a sore loser because my team lost. I’m sore because I think we all lost.


2 comments on “a post about my post…

  1. Look at the bright side: All that money was spent and kept several hundred marketers, political consultants, and advertisers employed! …and most of the money was spent by voluntary contributions from rich people, who knew exactly what it was going towards.

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