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are you blind?!

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving down a busy street when I needed to get into the right lane. I signaled, glanced over my right shoulder and started changing lanes, and all of a sudden, there was a white pickup truck right where I was moving. Luckily, I was able to get back into the lane I was leaving. I felt terrible. I wished there was a gesture to say to the driver in the pickup, “sorry, I screwed up.”Everything came out okay, but I felt bad about almost causing an accident because I didn’t see someone in my blind spot.

Yesterday, my husband and I were in a parking lot when the car in front of us suddenly stopped and put on its reverse lights. I said to my husband, “They’re not stopping.” They didn’t. They backed right into us. No one was hurt, but tempers showed themselves. The woman who was a passenger in the car that hit us, got out of the car and fussed at my husband, “You saw we were backing up!” as if it was his fault. That didn’t go over too well. The driver in front of us assumed that when he stopped and started in reverse that we knew he wanted to backup beyond where our car sat.We were in the way to where they wanted to be. They assumed we knew where they planned to go. According to them, we were in their way. And they didn’t even see us, until they ran into our car.

It got me thinking about my spiritual blind spots.

How many times are there people in need that I don’t even see? How many others are ”in my way” as I go about my day? How often do I get caught up in my own agenda – accomplishing tasks and crossing things off my to-do list, that I become blind, deaf and dumb to those around me?

Too often, I imagine, I fail to see the many opportunities that are placed before me to do good. Too often I fail to see the Jesus in those in need around me. Too often I fail to see the invisible members of society who are where I want to be, and I get frustrated when I run into them.

The accident that I missed could have been major. The one we had was very minor. But they opened my eyes, and they made me want to be more careful and more full of care.They made me realize that God is asking me to work on being more aware, more present, and more able to see the world around me with eyes wide open.


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