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family matters…

Today I want  to write about two of my children. One of them is the oldest. The other is the youngest. One of them has dark hair and eyes, and is thoughtful and deliberate in his words and deeds.  The other is strawberry blonde and stubborn and spontaneous.  Both of them are well, well loved […]

a woman of substance

Her name was Jacquelyn. The sound of it, even the spelling of it, is graceful and evokes a vision of beauty. She was aptly named. Born in a dirty, industrial town in northwest Indiana, she stood out, even before she could stand. A finalist in the campaign to pick the face which still graces the […]

“new year’s” resolutions

Having a birthday causes most people to celebrate. I use the anniversary of the day i was born to reflect. I spent a great deal of time, thought and energy over the past twelve months trying to extricate myself from some unhealthy relationships. Now that i’ve divested myself from many of the things of which […]