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seeds of faith…

Last summer we planted some potato vines in our back patio planters. The sinewy yellow-green tendrils that burst forth from this fast growing plant snaked their way down from the tall dark blue urns into our swimming pool. Contrasting with the greenery we planted bright blossoms that perked up the entire pool deck. At the end of the season we pulled up the dried remnants of the flowers and dug out the roots of the potato vines to make room for the next season’s foliage.

Summer has once again announced its coming, but we’ve gotten a little behind on changing out the annuals in our poolside planters. A few mornings ago, my husband and I were discussing our next trip to our local home improvement center and what plants we wanted to showcase in our pots this season when we looked outside and saw that the potato vines had returned.

It brought a smile to both of our faces as we were reminded that sometimes seeds lie dormant and we never know when they might just surprise us by bringing forth new life. We were both grateful for God’s simple message which gave us hope that other seeds we’ve planted over the course of our lives might also someday prove to be equally fruitful. 


One comment on “seeds of faith…

  1. Oh…..I just love your prospective of how life truly is to be…..Yes, in a sense, we are God’s garden in life…….

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