a balancing act

On a sewing machine there are two sources of thread, the top thread and the bottom thread, called the bobbin. If these two threads are not in perfect balance the stitches will either tangle up in a big knot or will not hold at all. The mechanism that controls these two threads is aptly called the tension.

Lately, my bobbin tension has been tight. On the surface I look like I’m holding it together, but underneath I’m unraveling a bit. This usually happens when I’ve got two many projects going on. Or when I’ve said yes to too many people. It’s a pattern with many of us. It’s hard to say no to things we are able to do, people we are able to help out, causes we’re able to assist. So we say yes for all the right reasons. And then we’re surprised when we don’t always feel good about it.

God wants us to do for others. He wants us to employ our time, our talent and our treasury. But he wants us to be in balance. We all know that faith without works is dead, but the flip-side is that we are not saved by our works. We are called to talk to God, to listen to Him, and to act accordingly.

When my bobbin is too tight it is trying to do too much of the work, and when my threads start knotting up, I know it’s time to stop sewing and rethread my machine, so the top thread is doing its job and the bottom thread is working with it.


2 comments on “a balancing act

  1. You truly amaze me…..such an elagance in expressing your deepest thoughts….your words are a much needed inspiration for those of us who are lacking in the ability to sort our concerns….Thank you!

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