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where is God in all this?

The Week magazine on the table in front of me has a headline that reads “Crushed hopes.” It’s been sitting there all week, but something about it this morning resonated. I was so excited about attending my first writers’ workshop. I really felt like I was making a bold step into realizing my dream to […]

seeds of faith…

Last summer we planted some potato vines in our back patio planters. The sinewy yellow-green tendrils that burst forth from this fast growing plant snaked their way down from the tall dark blue urns into our swimming pool. Contrasting with the greenery we planted bright blossoms that perked up the entire pool deck. At the […]

a balancing act

On a sewing machine there are two sources of thread, the top thread and the bottom thread, called the bobbin. If these two threads are not in perfect balance the stitches will either tangle up in a big knot or will not hold at all. The mechanism that controls these two threads is aptly called […]