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I’ve often thought that our lives should have a soundtrack accompanying the events of our day. Does everybody else walk around with songs in their heads which perfectly capture the mood of the moment? Yesterday should have started out with the ominous bass cello strains that signal impending doom or danger. Maybe then I would have been prepared for the music of the day. Maybe not. I probably would have tuned it out. I spent the day allowing myself to be pulled into too many different directions trying to find the answer to all of the problems that I’m letting keep me from letting go. In saying yes to God, I momentarily forgot that Satan would be jealous. Why the evil one finds me worth so much of his trouble is beyond me. Maybe I’m just too darned entertaining the way I morph from one person into another trying to placate all the people in my life. Along with the chords of dissonance that provided yesterday’s musical score was the sound of a ringing telephone. Even as I was on one phone call, the nagging beep of another person trying to reach me interrupted. I was like one of those circus acrobats who juggle items of different shapes and weights and invite audience members to throw yet another unknown item into the mix. And yesterday I took them all, foolishly thinking that if I addressed all the issues thrown at me I would be able to take the disparate parts and corral them into some kind of order. What I failed to see was that not only was I attempting to perform this acrobatic feat, but that I was also standing on a teeter-tauter trying to keep my balance. In the background, behind the noise of the phone and the gossip and the thousand voices clamoring for my attention played the music of Casting Crowns’ “Does Anybody Hear Her” which begins:

She is running a hundred miles an hour in the wrong direction.*

I wish I would have heard it.

*Is it a coincidence that that song is on their album titled “LifeSong?”



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  1. I’m not talking about every conversation I had yesterday. My apologies to Bryan, Alexandria, Stephanie, Linna & Nancy.

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