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the dance of words

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people would just say what they mean? And while we’re at it, mean what they say. Every time someone says to me, I don’t want to interfere,but… they do want to interfere. They are already interfering. They’ve already crossed the line into telling you want to do, but, of course […]

the great pretender

My husband and I have been busy planning a trip to Italy, trying to figure out which museum is where and which statue or painting is in which church and which places are closed on which days. My head is swimming with the details. Most of the guidebooks tell you what to do and see.Some […]


I’ve often thought that our lives should have a soundtrack accompanying the events of our day. Does everybody else walk around with songs in their heads which perfectly capture the mood of the moment? Yesterday should have started out with the ominous bass cello strains that signal impending doom or danger. Maybe then I would […]

just say no

We’re all familiar with concerns about identity theft.Most of us have more online usernames and passwords than we can possibly keep up with. I always freeze a bit at yet another request for this identifying information. I can’t even use a favorite food as a secret question, because the answer changes depending on the weather […]